Explainervideo para el proyecto eGHOST Hidrogeno Arag贸n.

Development of FCH eco-design methodology. Developing life cycle thinking tools for the assessment of FCH products, defining the supply chain of two key FCH products and the main social impacts, calculating the current sustainability life-cycle profile of two key FCH products, generating product ideas for the whole life-cycle of the two key FCH products, creating product concepts and calculating the target sustainability life-cycle profile of the eco-designed product concepts.

Contribution to European Initiatives. Supporting the definition of technical screening criteria in other environmental aspects for the EU taxonomy, creating prospective, environmental and social aspects metrics to be integrated in the EU Taxonomy, giving support to Corporate Social Responsibility of the European hydrogen sector and setting the basis for future eco-design regulations according to Eco-design Directive.

Formulation of eco-design guidelines for FCH products. Formulating eco-design guidelines specific to each of the two key FCH products and general eco-design guidelines for FCH products.

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