Explainervideo para el proyecto PROMET-H2. Hidrogeno Aragon.

The need for decarbonization is a pressing issue both at social and political levels. The production of high value chemicals and fuels such as methanol requires hydrogen, which is nowadays derived from hydrocarbons and results in large emissions of CO2.

Green hydrogen produced by water electrolysis, coupled to renewable sources, could be the ultimate solution to this problem. Proton exchange membrane water electrolysis (PEMWE) is the most suitable technology for this process due to its compactness and flexibility.

However, the dependence on precious metal catalysts and expensive components manufactured in titanium poses a serious threat for the scale up and market penetration of this technology. PROMET-H2 aims to develop a pressurized PEMWE with the lowest capital cost ever achieved, without compromising performance or durability.

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